Kick Aches and Pains with Delta-8 THC

Physical pain is something we can all relate to. Whether you suffer from chronic pain or struggle with aches from the everyday grind, finding a solution that works for you can be challenging. With prescription opioids still common, it’s crucial to find natural, non-addictive remedies for pain that actually works. With a delta-8 topical solution, edible or oil, you can say goodbye to aches and pains without any unwanted side effects.  

How Does Delta-8 Relieve Pain?

Delta-8 THC, like every cannabinoid, directly affects receptors found throughout our bodies. Because of this, it’s capable of changing how we perceive our appetite, mood and pain. By binding to the receptor in our nervous system responsible for regulating pain, delta-8 desensitizes pain receptors our brain.  

Along with the therapeutic effects of delta-8 on our pain receptors, it also boasts powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation, one of our bodies’ ways of protecting and healing us from injury and disease, can cause severe pain and discomfort. If you experience pain caused from inflammation in the joints or muscles, delta-8 could help reverse your symptoms.  

How To Use Delta-8 for Pain

For general pain caused from a chronic condition, vape delta-8 or try a delta-8 tincture. When consumed this way, the entire body is able to receive the effects. With that being said, vaping and smoking delta-8 will relieve pain very shortly after consumption. It will take much longer to feel the effects when taking a drop of delta-8 oil or popping a gummy, so vape delta-8 when you need immediate relief. 

For more localized pain caused from an injury or exercise, try a delta-8-infused ointment. You can even create your own by mixing a few drops of your delta-8 oil or tincture with your favorite lotion. With a topical solution, you can target specific areas of the body in need of reprieve. 

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