What is Delta-8 Hemp THC (And How Is It Different)?

If this is the first you’re hearing about Delta-8 hemp THC, you’re not alone. It’s only just begun to really explode in the health and cannabis communities, but it’s definitely worth knowing about. The truth is that Delta-8 hemp THC concentrate is not the same as the majority of the THC found in your medical cartridges. It’s actually a unique compound of it’s own!

What is Delta-8 Hemp THC?

Simply put, Delta-8 hemp is only one of the THC compounds found in cannabis, the most potent (and outlawed) being Delta-9. Delta-8 hemp is also a naturally occurring compound in cannabis, but since it only makes up about 0.01% of the plant, it was less utilized in the past for medicinal products.

As it turns out, federal law only prohibits Delta-9 THC from being sold and distributed. Delta-8 hemp offers similar effects, bit is legal to consume recreationally. Because of this, we decided to create a line of safe products that everyone can enjoy.

What are the effects of Delta-8 Hemp THC?

Since Delta-8 hemp THC is very close to the Delta-9 compound, physical and mental effects are similar, but less intense. Many consumers have described it as about 60% as intoxicating as products with Delta-9. It’s even been called “Weed Light.” Just like Delta-9 THC, the specific effects depend on the strain and strength of the product. For most, it seems to produce very similar physical effects with less of the psychoactive effects. Additionally, Delta-8 hemp seems to produce less anxiety and paranoia in users, without sacrificing that euphoric and relaxed feeling.

Overall, Delta-8 hemp is a more chilled-out version of the concentrates you’ll typically get at the dispensary. It provides the happy medium for those with anxiety who just can’t relax or enjoy the cannabis on the market today. And the cherry on top? It’s legal and accessible to everyone.

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