5 Tips for Dosing Delta-8 THC

Delta-8 is a new craze, and with that comes new delta-8 users. Since it’s a cannabinoid we’re not quite used to yet, it can be confusing to know how much to take and how to get optimal effects. The experience you have with delta-8 depends on the dosage. To make it simple, we put together a few tips to ensure you have the best experience possible!

How to Dose Delta-8

1. Start small and work your way up if you need to.

Delta-8 is more similar to delta-9 than it is to CBD. You will catch a high! With delta-8, there’s a much, much smaller chance of feeling too high since it’s a bit less psychoactive, but you’ll still want to see how your body will react before taking more.

2. The best dose will depend on the consumption method.

Delta-8 oils and tinctures tend to be less concentrated than gummies or softgels, so you’ll want to dose accordingly. Plus, taking delta-8 orally will take longer to feel the effects. Keep in mind that it could take up to two hours to feel the full effects, so don’t take more until you’ve given it plenty of time to metabolize. If you’re vaping or smoking raw delta-8 flower, the effects should take effect in 10 to 20 minutes.

3. Take product potency into account.

Look at the product’s ingredients and test results. These will show the percentages of each cannabinoid present. If the product is 100% delta-8, you’ll want to be even more careful with your starting dose than if it were 50/50 delta-8-CBD.

4. Dosage should differ depending on the time of day.

This isn’t a ritualistic thing—your body just metabolizes substances differently when you wake up in the morning than it does at night before bed.

5. Your level of tolerance to delta-8 will determine optimal dosage.

If you’re a first-time delta-8 user, take no more than 15mg to start. It’s recommended that you start at 5mg. This way, you can get an idea of how just a little bit affects you. It might be enough!

Once you start to build up a bit of a tolerance, you can go up to 45mg. After regular use for a few months or so, it could take up to 150mg to feel the same effects.

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